Join the 6-Week Fit Challenge!
Join the 6-Week Fit Challenge!
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This is EVERYTHING you need to reach your goals!
X You don't have to do hours of cardio
X You don't have to eat boring foods
You just have to join the program!
Thousands of women have already joined and changed their lives by implementing the methods in this program!
This program is great for any fitness level: beginner --> advanced


The 6-Week Challenge includes:

  • Workout Guide: 6 weeks of easy-to-follow workouts (with pictures demonstrating each exercise!) Each workout is about 45 mins long. These can be done from a gym OR from HOME! (no machines required, just 1 set of dumbbells or even 2 soup cans!)

  • Nutrition Guide: EVERYTHING you need to know about establishing a healthy & sustainable diet. I put my years of research in the industry, education, and experience into one easy-to-understand book. You will learn about proper nutrition, how certain foods affect our bodies, metabolism, and how to incorporate your FAVORITE FOODS into your every day diet WHILE LOSING FAT! Win win win!!  The Nutrition Guide will not only teach you how to track macros but it will also show you how to calculate your own custom macro plan. You will also get a 7-day example meal plan with all meals planned out for you.

  • Access to Private Facebook SUPPORT Group- Be part of the amazing AKFIT Support Community! This group of strong women includes all of the other AKF Members, including myself! When you have questions, you can reach out here for help! This is also where we share recipes, motivation, and support for one another. Being part of a COMMUNITY is crucial to success on a fitness journey- we're all there cheering you on and holding you ACCOUNTABLE! The lack of a community/support system is why most diets fail!

  • Learn how to track macros! This is HUGE for seeing the change you want to see. Tracking macros is the method I use personally, and have used with thousands of clients, past and current. It’s the EASIEST way to diet and see real results. You don't have to give up your favorite foods.. you don't have to cut out carbs, or fats.. you don't have to eat anything you don't enjoy! A "diet" that doesn't even feel like a diet.. is something that you will be able to sustain for long enough to actually see results! Losing fat doesn't have to feel like torture.

  • Sign up NOW- limited spots available!

  • The 6-week program is just one payment of $145 for EVERYTHING! The workout program + nutrition program + access to private support community + recipes + more!

  • PRIZES !!!  including Lululemon gift cards, resistance bands, supplements, and more!
  • Want to see client reviews + testimonials? Check out the "client results" tab on my Instagram page!--> click here!


1.) Sign up! (You can use a debit/credit card -OR- PayPal account) when it takes you to the PayPal page to finish payment you have the option at the bottom to “pay with debit or credit card”
2.) Everything automatically downloads upon purchase. All materials are digital and can download right to your phone for easy and convenient access. All materials are yours to keep forever!

Have questions? Email me directly at:


*This is not a fad diet or quick fix gimmick! This is real food, real life expectations, no crazy hours of cardio, etc. A healthy lifestyle requires balance and that's exactly how you will get results- by following a sustainable plan..And that's what I'm here to help you do! I have worked hundreds of girls and seen them have great results (while also becoming friends!) I myself have also found great success eating and training this way and I want to share my secrets with you!

Everything will download automatically after purchasing.


There are no refunds given the digital nature of the program. The downloadable guides are yours to keep forever, they do not disappear when the program is completed!